7 Steps to Your Best Life

The Stage Climbing Online Course Solution for Living the Life You Were Born To Live

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“With Stage Climbing, Dr. Broder eloquently shares his powerful strategies to reach the highest potential in every area of your life. An easy and simple system for fulfillment.”

- Deepak Chopra, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Find that zone of genius within you— With Michael Broder, P.h.D.!

Within you, and all of us is, is a zone of genius that contains everything you need to live the life you were born to live!

Would you like to be living your best life and operating at your highest potential in one or more pivotal areas of your life? Do you consider yourself a High Achiever, or would you like to become one? If so, don’t miss this opportunity!

Now, what if you had the roadmap, tools, strategies, and support you need to be operating at your absolute best?

What if getting there was simple, effective, and most importantly achievable in the shortest time possible?

  • If you’re stuck or burned out in your career, imagine that you could you find a new and highly fulfilling career direction?
  • Would you use this mojo to finally get control of your destiny, or any aspect of your life? Start a business? Optimize your most important relationships and valuable connections?
  • Would you find a stronger spiritual connection that would enhance your feelings of peace and fine-tune your purpose in this stress-filled world?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, welcome to my brand-new online course called 7 Steps To Your Best Life. Once you take this course and master the proven strategies you’ll learn, it will be second nature for you to be operating at your highest potential in whatever area or areas of your life you’re committed to working on and optimizing!

“The Stage Climbing Solution brilliantly transforms the best ingredients for reaching your potential into the kind of powerful and highly effective action steps that anyone can apply to quickly make desired life changes.”

- Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me

Course Description:

7 Steps to Your Best Life by using The Stage Climbing Solution. It’s a one-of-a-kind online course that can’t be found anywhere else! And it’s yours risk-free! This clinically proven system has launched some of the world's highest achievers to unparalleled levels of success. Now it’s your turn!

Here’s a fact -- Being a high achiever is actually a natural process! Just as our bodies naturally mature to their potential, it's also natural and organic for our minds/psyches/emotional selves to mature to where we’re operating from this very zone of our highest potential. This zone resides within you, and all of us, and is just waiting to be unleashed!

When you enroll in 7 Steps to Your Best Life, you’ll receive:

  • 8 comprehensive, power-packed, transformative sessions which detail each aspect of your Stage Climbing Solution process. You'll receive a new session each week, but the course is designed to be taken at your own pace.
  • You'll experience a shift, so that operating at your highest potential literally becomes your default position and in the shortest time possible!
  • A vivid understanding of and connection to your 7 ascending life stages, which are the lenses through which you see and live your life.
  • Scores of downloadable resources and MP3s, step-by-step instructional videos,
    and an interactive workbook containing all of the strategies in the course,
    that can be accessed anytime or anywhere.
  • 7 Steps to Your Best Life has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a full 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, for any reason at all then simply email us within 30 days of ordering for a full refund -- no hassles, no hard feelings!

With the complete online course AND heaps of FREE resources, you simply cannot find a more comprehensive, “paint-by-the-numbers”, resource to help you live the life you were born to live!

Program Content

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  Session 1 - Introduction
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Session 3 - Stages 3 & 4: Creating Your Own Rules and Being Courageous
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Session 4 - Stage 5: Taking Charge of Your Life
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days after you enroll
  Session 5 - Stage 6: Follow Your Passion (Part 1)
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  Session 6 - Stage 6: Follow Your Passion (Part 2)
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  Session 7 - Stage 7: Benevolence
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  Session 8 - Stage Climbing in Action
Available in days
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Available in days
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“It is time to release your full potential in all your dimensions and this will inspire you to your highest stage!!”

- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul


And here are some amazing free bonuses for being part of 7 Steps to Your Best Life: The Stage Climbing Solution for Living the Life You Were Born to Live and ordering today:

  • Bonus #1: Dr. Michael Broder’s groundbreaking and bestselling 12 Session audio program Positive Attitude Training, which will teach you how to train yourself to think and act positively even in the most challenging of circumstances so that you can become an unshakable optimist in every area of your life. Value: $197
  • Bonus #2: Dr. Broder's 12 Session Self Actualization series: the first audio program EVER to apply tangible action steps to Abraham Maslow’s iconic self-actualization concept. You’ll learn many additional tools, and experience some of his most powerful and time tested visualizations, including one to induce a peak experience and much more! Value: $197
  • Bonus #3: Selected programs from Dr. Broder's Help Yourself Series to help you overcome anxiety and/or depression, manage anger, increase your self confidence, manage stress, enhance passion, and a lot more. This series has been out now for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of people. Each program also comes with its own workbook, which you can put on any of your devices in order to work on a strategy anytime and anywhere.

    The Help Yourself series has also been used by thousands of therapist and coaches throughout the English-speaking world to supplement sessions with their own clients. Value: $300

In addition, scores of mental health professionals have provided feedback, technical consultation and strong endorsements for the Stage Climbing concept:

"Stage Climbing is one of the most innovative and brilliant models for helping people to change at the deepest levels. I have successfully used it on myself as well as with the clients I counsel, and strongly recommend it to anyone seriously seeking to gain a better understanding of themselves and take control of their lives very quickly."
— Karyne B. Wilner, PsyD., Director, Professional Program in Core Living Therapy

“Having just finished Stage Climbing, I found it to be already conditioning my reactions to life’s opportunities/challenges. It gave me some easy-to- understand goals that are helping me to become the person I most want to be.”

— Harvard Ayers, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Appalachian State University

“Stage Climbing provides me with an intelligent framework for organizing my thoughts and deciding the most efficient place to intervene when I’m working with a client.”
— Arlene Foreman, Licensed Professional Counselor, A Center for Marriage Counseling

Stage Climbing is a welcome landmark in the field of human development and personal growth. It is profound in its theoretical framework and practical in its self-help applicability. Its original seven stages of maturity are intellectually rigorous and its methods for advancing to higher stages are sound and specific enough to be life changing. It has been said that we come into this life with no manual to guide us. Well, Dr. Broder seems to have provided a highly credible, amazingly accessible and positively actionable system for living life fully. It offers solid and creative ways to step up to the next highest stage of life potential and fulfillment.
— Larry J. Rosenberg, Ph.D., Life Transformation Consultant, Sedona, AZ

"Stage Climbing represents a breakthrough. It is a completely new career and personal development tool that takes a jumble of feelings and descriptions and drills them down into discreet categories that anyone can understand. It concisely let me see where I was in my career and personal development and it gave me the tools I needed to achieve greater development and more fulfillment."
— Sharon P. Stein, Health Care and Medical Sales Professional representing Fortune 50 firms and the American Red Cross

“I highly recommend Stage Climbing for anyone who would like to understand,accept or change an aspect of his or her life. Dr. Broder offers a brand-new approach that will get you the results you want for your career, relationships,spirituality or any part of your life where you apply it.”

- Peggy McColl, New York Times bestselling author of Your Destiny Switch

Your Instructor

Michael Broder
Michael Broder

Michael S. Broder, Ph.D., is a psychologist, best selling author, speaker, trainer and coach to high achievers, whose work centers around helping people to bring about change and resolve major life issues in the shortest time possible. Dr. Broder has conducted a private practice in Center City, Philadelphia for almost 40 years, where he has treated thousands of individuals and couples in short-term results-oriented psychotherapy, and coached many professionals as well as some of our highest achievers in business, politics, sports.

He is the author of six popular books and twenty-three highly acclaimed self-help audio programs. Michael has appeared on The Today Show, Oprah and many other TV and radio programs. He has been written about, quoted or featured in TIME, Newsweek, USA Today, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and scores of other top publications.

Dr. Broder has taught at Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University Medical School, The Union Institute, Drexel University, Rowan University, and others. Presently he is an adjunct professor at Villanova University and is a faculty member of the International Institute for the Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health.

Michael has trained many thousands of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers and other mental health professionals. He has presented his work at over one hundred professional conferences, as well as in numerous other university settings. In addition, he has also made over twelve hundred presentations as a popular speaker and seminar leader throughout his career.

Your Stage Climbing process begins


Our mission is to provide you with exactly what you need to connect with your passions and your unique life purpose. We will teach, coach, and guide you step-by-step, stage-by-stage to the life you were born to live, and in the shortest time possible!

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When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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