What Rage Looks and Feels Like

In this module, John and Steve discuss What Rage Looks and Feels Like.

"Here's a big part that's going to hopefully change the way you engage people when you're angry, when you're upset, when you're frustrated. But I’ve gotta tell you, most of us don't know how to do that, but after this course, you will. Here's what rage is. Anger is a feeling and an emotion. Remember I said that in the first segment.
Rage is an action or a behavior that numbs people's feelings. See, the therapist, and the counselor, and the recovery experts, and sponsors, even in the Big Book of AA, anger is supposed to be avoided. But anger can't be avoided in life, but rage must be avoided, because anger expressed appropriately equals energy, intimacy, and serenity. Rage equals distance, disaster, and divorce, because it's not a feeling. It's an action. It's a behavior. Cocaine will numb people's feelings. Alcohol will numb people's feelings. Gambling,internet will numb people's feelings. Well, rage will do exactly the same thing. It's legal, plentiful, and readily available. You see it on television, in the news, and, you know, some of the stuff that we've seen with the police, you know, abusing people, pulling them over. And what they're doing is rage, and the same thing is people in crowds who are protesting, they're doing rage. They're not doing anger."

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